Endoscopic Surgical Device

Our device was designed as a novel solution to the problem of suturing incisions during N.O.T.E.S. The simple, vacuum-based suction is an elegant solution which may find further applications in other medical fields.


     Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure in which surgeons operate through natural orifices such as the mouth. In order to access the abdominal cavity, a flexible endoscope is inserted and an incision is made from the inside of a lumen, for example through the wall of the stomach. This pioneering technique eliminates the need to make a skin incision, resulting in a faster recovery time and less scarring. Although NOTES is still in clinical trials in the USA, proponents believe it could be the next surgical revolution . Because NOTES is such a novel method, the surgical tools used for this type of procedure have been primarily adapted from laparoscopic surgery, rather than designed specifically for endoscopic surgery.
     Current NOTES technology limits surgeons’ ability to effectively hold and stabilize tissues so that translumenal incisions can be securely closed with minimal risk of complications. There is a need for techniques allowing for manipulation of tissues without limiting surgeons' range of motion or using one of the vital endoscopic ports.

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Our Product

Provisional Patent Application No: 61/500285

     Our product is a novel solution that uses even vacuum pressure orders of magnitude lower than the state-of-the-art devices, stabilizing tissue around an incision and minimizing tissue damage. The device allows the surgeon to access the tissue from any angle without overly constraining the surgeon’s freedom of motion. It not only allows the surgeon to manipulate the incision and surrounding tissue, but also improves access proximate to the incision and surrounding tissue from approaches not currently accessible with existing devices. Moreover, the flow of biological fluids into the incision is prevented, resulting in increased efficacy and reduction in risk of adverse complications.
     Our device elegantly solves two of the major challenges facing NOTES. As Dr. Rothstein said, it’s “incredibly unique. This is very cool.”